Wikis and more

Back at the Social media course tonight and I have failed miserably on posting anything to this space in the last two weeks (note to self, must try to set aside some time!).
But to be fair I have been busy keeping up with the Educational Design for eLearning course and learning about Moodle (Learning Management System) and eXe (a freely available Open Source authoring application for publishing web content). There's lots of things to blog about and I plan to share all of this through this site.
This week we have looked at wiki's (collaborative webpages), starting with wikipedia the online encyclopedia. Leigh who teaches this course encouraged everyone to check out their own subject area on wikipedia and start engaging with the content by editing. Check out Otago Polytechic wikieducator site and some of the course development going on at the polytech.

At the Socially Constructed Media class on Tuesday night we embedded a YouTube video and here it is.

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