Finished !!! Many thanks to Bronwyn for being so patient with me and apologies to the rest of the class for lagging so far behind.

Here is a summary of my evaluation report.

Executive summary

The purpose of this evaluation was to assess the effectiveness of the processes and resources that support new academic staff in using Otago Polytechnic’s (OPs) eLearning technologies (such as Moodle, Elluminate and eXe) for blended and distance delivery. This involved gathering information from several sources using a summative, “multiple methods” evaluation design. Eight new staff completed an online questionnaire indicating their use of technology prior to starting at OP, and the eLearning tools they were required to use once they commenced teaching at OP. In their first six months all the participants were required to learn how to use Moodle and most also had to use Elluminate. Most new staff relied on informal supports to learn how to use these technologies, including colleagues, Moodle champions, EDC staff and online Staff Moodle Resources. However, more than half of the participants were not aware of the range of support systems and resources available, and considered that they were not adequately prepared and supported to use OPs eLearning technologies. Five school managers were interviewed to find out about the processes in their school for introducing new staff to eLearning and eLearning technologies. No schools involved in this project had any formal procedures concerning technology support for new staff, and new staff were either directed to EDC staff, the school Moodle champion, technical support advisor within the school, or to colleagues. Recommendations from this evaluation include ensuring that information about support processes and resources is readily accessible to all staff, especially those who work closely with new staff; establishing a formal Induction process to ensure better initial support for new staff; and the need to continue to seek feedback on the effectiveness of the support processes and resources to ensure they are aligned with staff needs and effective practice.

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