Second Life

I finally had a go at Second Life this weekend inspired by this youTube video.

My SL name is Tulip Debruyere and I've spent some time on Orientation Island working out the basics of dressing, moving, flying and searching etc. No problems so far, actually it was somewhat easier than I had expected ... but early days yet! Here I am on the Island.


  1. Yvonne said...

    Hi Veronique

    That's a nice blue top you're wearing - where did you get that?? ;)

    Once you get the hang of wandering around and using the basic tools, SL is quite straightforward. Using it with students takes a bit of imagination though. I found a place called SL Education UK which had student tasks up on the wall with relevant links and notecards. This looked more like it.


  2. Leigh Blackall said...

    I finally got around to watching this vid. Thinking I had seen it before, I skipped it. Turns out I hadn't seen it. Dave McQUillin needs to see this also. He's been wondering about anatomical resources in SL, but hasn't investigated. I'll have to prompt him to have a look at this vid. Thanks.

  3. Debbie said...

    Hi Veronique

    Glad you were able to spend some time in SL. I think there could be a few of us on the course who will be doing some more exploring in the future. Would be good to meet up in SL from time to time to share thoughts and show each other sites we have found that we think could be useful.


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