With my hours reduced this semester at work I'm relishing the opportunity to take a couple of papers as part of my ongoing professional development.

One of these is called Natural World Ko Te Tai Ao, a paper in the Certificate in Mata a Ao Maori offered at Otago Polytechnic, which explores the different views that Maori and non-Maori have in relation to the natural world.

The other papers are part of the Graduate Certificate in Applied eLearning from Manukau Institute of Technology; one of these is Evaluation of eLearning for Effective Practice with Bronwyn Hegarty and a second paper is on a Special Topic which is yet to be decided.

No doubt this is all going to keep me very busy.

Image: Busy days ahead, 'Emoticon Tale' by somegeekintn


  1. Katie said...

    Sound like a plan and yes will keep you busy. I have just my 'special topic' to do and have decided not this semester as I don't have the time. Annoyingly I know what I want to do.
    Kia Kaha

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