So here's the follow-on video of How to make a video using Camstudio, it shows how to add the title and credits to a video recording using Windows movie maker. I'm thinking that screen recordings could be useful for showing staff how to use Moodle or other applications. In addition screen recordings could be used for showing off-campus students how to access their online courses and other features of their course.

  1. Open Windows movie maker.
  2. From left options 1, import video.
  3. From left options 2, add titles.
  4. Option 3, save to my computer.
  5. Name movie and set location to save.
  6. Click show more choices and select other settings, then select 'High quality video large'. Then click next. The movie will open when finished compressing.
Here's the video showing how to use Windows movie maker:

Both Camstudio and Windows movie maker seem relatively easy to use. The biggest difficulty I found was trying to record in a shared office with people coming and going, telephones ringing etc. Most staff here at Otago Polytechnic have shared offices and several have mentioned this as a problem when using Audacity. I wonder whether we should have a room provided on campus that could be booked for recording purposes, or do we already have this?


  1. Leigh Blackall said...

    Well, we could haul Terry out and convert his office into a media and meeting room.

    But if he resists, another way to look at the "problem" is that the noise creates atmosphere and athenticity.

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