Twitter feed

Chris from Tuesday evenings social media class asked about setting up a twitter feed to her blog. Had wondered how to do that myself so followed the steps that Leigh suggested and there it is over on the right.

To get your own twitter feed:

  1. click on the "Get Widget" button (seen at the bottom of my twitter feed)
  2. fill in your twitter username in the right-side column and it will display your tweets in the central box
  3. select the background colour
  4. the Auto Scroll is disabled as a default setting so click on the tick if you want your tweets to scroll through automatically on your blog
  5. click on the "Get Widget" button
  6. copy the embed code in the pop-up box
  7. go back to your blog and click "Customize" in the top right
  8. click "Add a Gadget" in the layout boxes and select the HTML/Javascript gadget
  9. paste your twitter widget code in the Content box and Save

Wondering what a widget is?
I looked up wikipedia and it can mean a number of things in computing. A simple definition from Widgetbox (where the twitter widget comes from) is
Web widgets are mini, portable-applications that can be added to any web page
There seems to be some overlap in the terms widget and gadget if you look up gadget on wikipedia. Is there any difference between these terms or are they referring to the same thing, at least for the general masses?


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