1. Download and install Camstudio.
  2. Open Camstudio, open region and select fixed region, set to 640 x 480.
  3. Open Options and set to record from microphone and autopan.
  4. In options, click audio options and click the volume button, then advance microphone button and tick the 1MIC boost option (windows only).
  5. Click the record button. Position the mouse over recording area and click again to record.
  6. The recording region will track your mouse (move your mouse slowly and deliberately).
  7. Click stop. Name the file and save (wait while it will be compressing in the background). When finished the movie will open.

  1. Open Windows movie maker.
  2. From left options 1, import video.
  3. From left options 2, add titles.
  4. Option 3, save to my computer.
  5. Name movie and set location to save.
  6. Click show more choices and select other settings, then select 'High quality video large'. Then click next. The movie will open when finished compressing.

This video is now ready for publishing online ie YouTube.

The video below shows how to set up Camstudio for recording. In my excitement I forgot to mention that once you have all the settings, hit the red record button and place the recording frame where you want to begin recording from (it's not recording yet), then left click and it will start recording.

I've now added the follow on video showing how to use Windows movie maker in this posting.


  1. Leigh Blackall said...

    what about the movie maker demo!!? ok.. you're a busy lady... did you check out the number of videos that are now related to your video on Youtube? I see even Camstudio has a Youtube channel.. I wonder what will be revealed when you load your first Moodle demo.. oh that's right.. you'll be using Unitube... ;)

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