How to create a Google map

  1. Sign in to google maps.
  2. Open the link to My Maps.
  3. Click on Create New Map.
  4. Add in title for your map and description. Click Save.
  5. Search for a map by adding a street name into the search box and then zoom in to find the exact location to add the placemark.
  6. Pick up the blue placemark and drop it on the location. A title and description box appears.
  7. Click on Link in the right hand corner and the embed html will appear, but don't use this.
  8. Click on the tab to 'Customize and preview embedded map' and zoom in to show the best view of your map. Check that the map size is under 450 (medium view) for the best view.
  9. Copy the embed text and paste into blog.

View Community Learning Centre in a larger map


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